Confessions and Covenants

Baptist Confessions of Faith


Carmichael Baptist Church
Articles of Faith

(Taken from J. E. Cobbs "Baptist Church Manual" copyright 1954)



New Hampshire Confession of Faith


(As adopted by the New Hampshire Convention and later printed in Pendelton's "Baptist Church Manual")



London Baptist Confession of Faith

(The Confession of Faith of those Churches  which are commonly (though falsely) called Anabaptists)



London Baptist Confession
Downloadable Word document  

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London Baptist Confession of Faith

(With Epistle Dedicatory and Preference to the 2nd Edition)



An Appendix to A Confession
of Faith by Benjamin Cox 

(This is an appendix to the 2nd Edition London Baptist Confession)



London Baptist Confession of Faith

(Includes the signators and preface to this document)



Philadelphia Confession of Faith

(With the motion to reprint included)



The Goatyard Declaration of Faith

(A Declaration of the Faith and Practice of the Church of Christ at Horsely-down, under the Pastoral Care of Mr. John Gill, &c.)



Somerset Confession of Faith

("Epistle Dedicatory" of this confession can be accessed through a link at the bottom of this document)



1120 A.D.

A Waldenisan Confession of Faith 





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Baptist Church Covenants


Church Covenant

(Written and used by Benjamin Keach - London, England)


Church Covenant

(Printed by Morgan Edwards in 1734)


Church Covenant

(Probably written by J. R. Graves)


Carmichael Baptist Church Covenant

(Taken from J. N. Brown's Baptist Church Manual 1833)



Articles of Some Antiquity



Tracts on Liberty of Conscience
and Persecution 
Edited for Hanserd Knollys Society 1836
with an historical introduction by Edward Bean Underhill
(This file is in PDF format - very large file 43.4 MB)


Confessions of Faith and Other Public Documents
Illustrative of the History of the
Baptist Churches of England
in the 17th Century
Edited for Hanserd Knollys Society 1854
(This file is in PDF format - very large file 33.2 MB)


The Church: Its Polity
and Ordinances 

By H. Harvey, D. D.
Professor in Hamilton Theological Seminary
American Baptist Tract Publication


The Body of Divinity
Thomas Collier


(Chapter 27 "Of the Church of Christ in the New Covenant" & Chapter 28 "Of the Ordinances, Officers, and Administrations in the Visible Constituted Church of Christ" - pages 457 to 498) in pdf file format 1.66 MB in size


Seekers Supplied
Three and Forty Non-Church
Queries by Scripture Answered
Thomas Kilcop


Small booklet of poor quality scanned and made available in PDF file format and is 6.92 MB in size


Hanserd Knollys in America
John Newton Brown D. D.
Germantown, PA


(The above article is in Adobe PDF file format. It was scanned from "The Christian Review" No. XCII July 1858 Vol. XXIII)


By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she had received the spies with peace. HEB 11